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Shane Psaltis

1 Year Ago

Embed Faa Into My Own Website

I have a website already called, I want to embed my gallery into my website without having to leave it?? it is a wordpress site and I can do almost anything on it but this, when they click on my gallery page it leaves my wordpress site and goes to the gallery page I created, and help would be fantastic.


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You would have to make it open in the parent.

If you have the premium site you should use the widget. That is seamless



Shane Psaltis

1 Year Ago

Abie which widget do I need??




I'm on Wordpress and I've embeded the FAA widget "shopping cart" without majors difficulties.

1- Create one new page via your dashboard and give it a name (Ex.: Shopping cart) or embed 1 cart icon on the menu header. I prefer the last option as it's more visual than words.
2- Embed the code provided by FAA on the page you've just created and adjust if necessary the size of the widget
3- Go to "Appearence" > Menu and put the page in your header at your convenience (it depends on your theme)


Semmick Photo

1 Year Ago

Here is my site, works perfectly but you need a JS plugin for it to work on WordPress if I am correct

You can check out the source code on my site.


Val Arie

1 Year Ago

I just embedded a link to my site on another website and It asked if I wanted to open it in a new window or not.


It's up to you... Personnally, I prefer open a link in new tab or window.


David Morefield

1 Year Ago

I tried the embed widget, but I prefer to send the traffic directly to FAA.

The Embed Widget only allows the person to view a small number of prints at a time and the artist-websites page is so much more pleasing to the eye.

I set my portfolio up as a "open in New window" link so that you still have my blog, but also the Portfolio opens in a new tab. Since I have made this change, sales have been positively affected.


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