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MS Fineart Creations

1 Year Ago

Purpose Code For Finearts

Hi,I am facing a problem for opening my Paypal account,since they are asking 'Purpose Code' as per Indian regulations.I have seen many Indians having their account on this site and most of them must be knowing the option what to select being a fine artist.Kindly guide me,so that i may be able to open my Paypal account successfully.

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Merlyn...the people at PayPal in India will explain their question. Find the website for PayPal India, and contact them....
I don't know how you find FAA members who live there, so you could ask them....


Alfred Ng

1 Year Ago

Vivian, all you need is to click on artists on the heading, the artists at your local area will show up base on where you live. I am sure if Merlyn will able to find other artists in the same area.


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