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Debi Haseley

1 Year Ago

Facebook Problem?

I get the message - ""When authorizing the Facebook Personal Application, you must allow it to "Manage Your Pages" and "Publish to Your Wall" ""
when trying to enable it from here. I found an old discussion here about this, but it didn't really help with an answer.
Anybody know what's wrong?

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That is not wrong

You must do so. On the popup you need to say OK to all of those things



Debi Haseley

1 Year Ago

Do I have to say yes to page where it says is it OK to send all my friends a post? I really didn't want to do that, I only want it posted on my page.


Yes you do BUT, you can turn off the postings there once it is set up.

Go into your default settings and untick personal page

Each image can be changed also at the bottom of the edit page

We have to have the permissions as otherwise we are not allowed to post to the page



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