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I F Abbie Shores 1stAngel Arts

1 Year Ago

Interviews #5



A new thread about the interviews on 1stAngel Arts Magazine, my website for creatives of all shapes.

Founded in 2004, 1stAngel Arts Magazine is a rapidly growing font of knowledge and interest for people from, and interested in, the arts

Our audience has grown with us and we now reach many thousands of readers, with over 25,000 following us just on social media networks alone

We write about

Stage and screen
Artists Lifestyles

This encompasses many areas, including holidays and equipment, tips, news, reviews and interviews. Our biggest reader base is from the USA, followed by UK and India.

As you know, having an article purely about you would help you get out to an even wider audience and this is where we can help you, in the form of an interview, talking not only about your art but, about you as an artist.

People LOVE to see what makes you tick and feel a connection with an artist they know. You can even reply to any comments or queries in the comment section below on each page.


Two of my favourite interviews are one by the Author and creator of Xanth whose website for young authors won the Special Recognition for Service to Writers, Piers Anthony


Shawn Bowen, also sometimes known as “ObiShawnKenobi”. who's band Neurotica was discovered by Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

Please return all interviews to interviews (at)

Right click and SAVE AS



Effortlessly create and manage blogs
Packed with useful features and customizable themes
Ready made for podcasting, videos, photos and more. Sponsor links do work here
Step by step support with our members and staff

Why not join us and see what else we get up to and if we can help you in other ways.....


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Andrew Pacheco

1 Year Ago

That's just one of the many awesome things you do on your site, Abbie. We all love to get some extra exposure, thanks for using your resources to help out.


Aw Andrew, you are very welcome :D


Brilliant, I just tweeted and FB'd Denise Wood's interview. I met her here on the forum!


Dan Richards

1 Year Ago

Can we opt for two area of interviews? As I have both sold photographs, and am a published writer, either would do for me.


Suzanne Powers

1 Year Ago

I hope you don't mind Abbie, this is not to apply because I haven't been doing the photography/manipulation for long (maybe in a few months!). I wanted to tell you how chock full of information and interesting your 1st Angel Arts Magazine is! I'm looking forward to reading more interviews. I tried to give $ through my mastercard but apparently it doesn't take it outside the UK or Europe. I will at some point request more money be put into my pay pal account and try to remember to go back to your website.



In the above example Shawn, he actually did that. He did musician and artist and then we edited and got one interview :)

Aw Suzanne :) Thanks!


Dan Richards

1 Year Ago

Thank you. :)


Looks like we will have some new interviews up soon with a few people getting involved :D

We even have our first recorded interview being set up now with a member here and I am very much looking forward to that :D


Interview With Photographer J M Farris Photography

Do not forget, I do not seek you out. If you wish an interview then you need to apply

The next one will be new. we are having our first recorded interview with a photographer :)


Amanda Stadther

1 Year Ago

I know this is an old-ish thread...but feel free to interview me!


you need to contact me via the interview request form in the top post :)


Miriam Danar

1 Year Ago

I would love to be considered, Abbie. Very kind of you to do this.


The interview questionnaires are now linked to at the end of the top post


I have a sidebar advertising space available for one month. Only the first person to post next after this one can have it.


Jeffery Johnson

1 Year Ago

hi there


Hi :)

I had your ad so have put it up until this time next month


Jeffery Johnson

1 Year Ago

Thank you Abbie I so appreciate that a whole lot. You are the greatest.


Jean Noren

1 Year Ago

Nice interview, David and Abbie.


Cheers :)


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

i don't get a picture?


---Mike Savad


added LOL


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

ah good... because it fell out of pattern.

---Mike Savad



1 Year Ago

thanks Abbie for the interview.
Best Wishes to 1stAngel Magazine and to you Abbie.


Did you want an image showing also :)



1 Year Ago

If its ok Abbie...hehehe.
got envious with Mike. :)
tnx, keep safe always.


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