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Lucas Salgado

2 Years Ago

I Invite You All To See My Art :)

Hello! My name is Lucas, I'm from Argentina...
This is my first time here, I don't seem to understand the site too well yet, but I'm sure I will.

I invite you all to see my art.. :) and I would really appreciate it if you'd comment on it and tell me what you think!.



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Marcio Faustino

2 Years Ago

I like it:

Art Prints

I like it too but maybe you should use a safe filter. Some people are very sensitive when looking at female body. If it was a statue penis it would be ok. But a woman genitalia in a drawing shocks some people...


Lucas Salgado

2 Years Ago

Thanks for the tip... I will then :)


Donna Proctor

2 Years Ago

Hi Lucas - welcome to FAA! :) You have some incredible drawings/artwork that I love:

Photography Prints Art Prints

Wishing you lots of success with sales on FAA...
--Donna Proctor


Lucas Salgado

2 Years Ago

Thanks Donna!! :)


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

2 Years Ago

On the images I looked at you have absolutely no tags/, how can anybody find your works in the search?


Robert Frank Gabriel

2 Years Ago

If I look at yours, will you look at mine?


Lucas Salgado

2 Years Ago

I sure will Robert.

Rose, I haven't quite figured the site out... im still learning, didnt know i could put tags and key words! :) thanks!


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