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Michael Wilson

2 Years Ago

Limited Edition Prints With Tag Line?

I have a piece that is in a museum's permanent collection. I'm considering making limited-edition, numbered prints. The museum curator has asked if I would put a credit line stating that the artwork is in their collection. (This sounds to me more like a poster in a museum store.)
I'm just thinking of ways to capitalize on the fact that this piece is in a museum collection and am not making any decisions quickly.
Have you ever heard of a tag line on a limited-edition, numbered print? and is that even possible?

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Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

Nothing wrong with saying the original work is in the Permanent Collection (if anything is permanent) of the XYZ Museum at wherever the Museum is located. it adds cachè to your work - it doesn't make the museum piece a poster - unless it is one.


Cricket Hackmann

2 Years Ago

What about adding that information to the Certificate of Authenticity, and then affixing it to the back of the print?


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

And the mona lisa is where and I doubt it's a poster - more like the poster child of Leonardo.

I'd be very careful about afixing anything to the back of a print - perhaps one that went along with the signed and numbered print - but not attached.


Gunter Nezhoda

2 Years Ago

I would do it, since I'm happy that I'm in there in the first place, but would ask them to sell my limited print in their souvenir store or at the counter with no comission.
If that doesn't work, I'd try to get something else out of them, like lots of your work displayed for the summer.


Michael Wilson

2 Years Ago

Thanks for your helpful comments. I'm very excited about the museums purchase, that's why I was thinking of capitalizing on that. I don't offer prints, but thought this might be an appropriate reason.
Thank you for the great advice!


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