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Michelle Elaine Smith

2 Years Ago


I have heard a lot about Zazzle to sell artwork. I checked it out briefly and it seems difficult to manage. Also from what I observed it looks like it devalues art, by putting it on products like coffee cups and key chains. I like how FAA treats it like art by putting it on canvas or frames. What is your experience with Zazzle, do you think its worth it, or does it make you feel like your artwork is cheap?

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Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

Mike Savad has a zazzle thread.

I would close this and go join that conversation.

We try to limit the amount of discussions about other pod's...out of courtesy of FAA.

Zazzle also has a forum.


Cynthia Decker

2 Years Ago

I"m a commercial artist, so it doesn't bother me. If someone wants one of my images on their cell phone case or on a keychain, who am I to not take their money? *shrug*

If you're angling for a spot in a museum - if fine art is your end game - then I can see how it could absolutely devalue your work.


Will Gunadi

2 Years Ago

Michelle, here is the thread that Angelina was talking about:

And I concur, one thread about Zazzle is enough, this is FAA's forum.

Having said that, Zazzle deliver prints on so many other items than FAA, so it's cool to dabble around there too.


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