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Tyler Steele

1 Year Ago

Figurative Abstract, Nature, Fantasy, Mundane

Where do I fit artistically? How does one find their niche. Or is this necessary. Any thoughts?

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Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

Art Prints

Hi thoughts are these. Titles are not important, best not to hung up on them. If you want to define yourself as an artist, the best person to do that is you. You decide where you fit in artistically. It's only necessary if you think it is.


Agreed -- niches not required, unless you feel the need for such.

But, it's labels that aren't important -- titles (as in, titles of your images), most definitely, are! ;-)


Roseann Caputo

1 Year Ago

Hi all. Actually titles can be very important.

As for the rest, it depends upon what your end goal is.


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