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Derek Piedra

1 Year Ago

Please Check Out My Paintings.

I am new here on this website and want to promote my paintings.
Tell me what you think and if you like it please buy some of my paintings.
Thanks and enjoy. I will upload more of my paintings soon.

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

we are all artists here, not too many will buy from each other, it's best to advertise outside the site

---Mike Savad


Tom Druin

1 Year Ago

Art Prints beautiful image derek...good luck


Phyllis Wolf

1 Year Ago

Welcome, Derek! I have bought a few other artists work in the past but not because I was asked to and not because I talked to any of them on here either. I bought ones that I loved when I saw them and I saw one a couple days ago that was so striking that I plan to purchase it...but I don't make a habit of it and Mike is right...I know of a few resident artists that have also purchased others work in the past, but most do not, so as he said, it's best to advertise outside the site. Good luck!


Derek Piedra

1 Year Ago

Ok thank you for your advise. I just really have no idea about the whole thing since I have never tried to sell any of my paintings until now.
Tom Druin thank you very much.


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