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Wildlife Refuge Images

Posted by: Dan Carmichael on 06/06/2013 - 3:01 PM

If you have an image of wildlife, or a landscape, of an official wildlife refuge, post it.

Content is king! Be sure to post the name of the refuge and other relevant keywords so that when people search google on that subject, Fine Art America is brought up. Post a background story if you like, too.

Here's mine:

Outer Banks Pea Island Wildlife Refuge

Sunset At Pea Island Wildlife Refuge Outer Banks

Sunset at the wildlife refuge on Pea Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

This photo is of a stunning sunset at the Pea Island refuge on the Outer Banks.

Not seen in this picture taken in June is the horrendous amount of biting flies and mosquitoes. I was wearing deet at the time. It's often necessary on the Outer Banks. But the flying insects were so thick, they continually flew in front of the lens and I thought they were going to mess up the picture. These old trees contrasted with the brilliant Spring and Summer green of the bushes made for a fine sunset setting.


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Posted by: Steven Ralser on 06/06/2013 - 4:06 PM

Bosque del Apache NWR

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Necedah NWR

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Horicon NWR

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Posted by: Richard Smith on 06/06/2013 - 5:46 PM

Here are some from the Wichita Mountains NWR in southern Oklahoma. Spectacular place. Buffalo (I know it's supposed to be bison but I can't bring myself to...), elk, wild longhorns, snakes, lots of birds. And mountain boomers (collared lizard for those who like less colorful names). It's the land of the Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa. Geronimo and Quanah Parker are buried nearby. Just a great place to visit.

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Posted by: Wingsdomain Art and Photography on 06/06/2013 - 6:50 PM


Posted by: Lara Ellis on 06/06/2013 - 7:48 PM

These were all shot in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island, VA.

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Posted by: Loree Johnson on 06/06/2013 - 8:01 PM

The Lower Klamath Basin NWR is my favorite place to shoot wildlife. Especially in the winter when it is home to large numbers of bald eagles. Hawks and other raptors are plentiful, too, as well as tundra swans and snow geese.

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Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 06/06/2013 - 8:05 PM

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge along the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle...
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Payne's Prairie in north central Florida (La Chua Trail area, Alachua County)
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Posted by: Dan Carmichael on 06/06/2013 - 9:59 PM

The North Carolina Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve is a network of ten protected sites established for long-term research, education and stewardship. Located on the northern Outer Banks in Currituck (Corolla) North Carolina.

You can choose to hike along some great hiking trails or a boardwalk to the edge of Currituck Sound. Lots of old, beautiful live oak trees of all strange shapes. You can also spot some of the wild horses of Currituck in the reserve. Located just a stone spit distance up the road from the Corolla lighthouse.

Corolla Currituck Outer Banks

Corolla Currituck Outer Banks


Posted by: Janine Riley on 06/07/2013 - 2:53 PM

Price-Simpson Wetlands Lake Ariel PA & Assateague Island wildlife refuge MDPhotography PrintsPhotography Prints


Posted by: Dan Carmichael on 06/07/2013 - 5:21 PM

Wow! Janine!! That can't be for real! The light on If There's a Heaven is stunning! STUNNING! Great work!


Posted by: Janine Riley on 06/07/2013 - 6:08 PM

Bowing to the great Master. Thank you so very much.


Posted by: Dan Carmichael on 06/13/2013 - 1:13 PM

A flock of birds fly alongside a double rainbow in the aftermath of a spring thunderstorm on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Taken on Pea Island, location of the wildlife refuge.

Pea Island wildlife refuge Outer Banks North Carolina

A sunny, peaceful and warm day on Pea Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Pea Island wildlife refuge includes open beach areas for nesting birds. No vehicles - and often no people - are allowed on some of the beaches.

This photograph is one of my favorites because is is very representative of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. A peaceful cloudy, yet sunny day. Beautiful sand dunes and sea oats. The sounds of breaking waves. Relaxing.

Pea Island wildlife refuge Outer Banks North Carolina


Posted by: Theresa Tahara on 06/13/2013 - 2:40 PM

A male Yellow-Headed Blackbird taken at Gamble's Pond, a nature reserve in Kamloops, BC
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