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Stand Alone Shopping Cart - Problem With Javascript And Wordpress

Posted by: Denise Wood on 06/06/2013 - 2:12 PM

I really loved the idea of having a FAA shopping cart directly on my private website, however have now come across a problem with javascript and wordpress. Having tried for ages to try and get this to work, this is what I have now found on wordpress:

"Users are not allowed to post JavaScript on blogs. JavaScript can be used for malicious purposes. As an example, JavaScript has taken sites such as and LiveJournal offline in the past. The security of all blogs is a top priority for us, and until we can guarantee scripting languages will not be harmful, they will not be permitted. JavaScript from trusted partners, such as YouTube and Google Video, is converted into a WordPress shortcode when a post is saved".

Has anyone got round this problem? Is there a way to covert javascript into something else that wordpress will allow? I think not but maybe some of you technical whizzes who use wordpress websites, have found a way.



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