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Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

A Bit Of Tag Word Help Please?

Hi, I have a huge series I am doing, and I am coming up short for tag words. There are four different styles and 30 cities, aside from the name of the city and state, I want the tags to apply to all four styles.

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I list the city, state, and state abbreviation
These are the words I have after that:

city, cityscape, skyline, rainbow, silhouette, capital, state, usa, united states, graphic, angelina vick, pride,
heart, love, concrete jungle, abstract, id, interior design, skyscraper, urban, commercial, licensing

Again, words that would apply to all four piece would be appreciated.


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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

each one would have to have the saying to that place - like windy city, or something like that. i would go with the color your using and of course the plurals.

twilight (just don't use it on zazzle), dusk, cut outs?, america,american,united states of america (the whole thing), landscape, my mind just blanked out

---Mike Savad


Peter Piatt

1 Year Ago

Some will apply to all, but a few to groups of them, hope these help.
horizontal, bright, colorful, billboard, reflected, artistic, design, metropolitan, metropolis, skyline, large, big (city's I'm referring to)


Roseann Caputo

1 Year Ago

Chi town, bean town, you can also consider Boston Strong.


Elizabeth S Zulauf

1 Year Ago

major world city, great world city, cities around the world, world metropolises, mega cities, global cities, major municipalities


Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

LOL. My mind was blanking out trying to think of more words too Mike.

I am adding the words, bw, black, that version. I was trying to keep them more general so I wouldn't have different tags for different styles but maybe that's not a good idea.
I could just be acting lazy, but there will be a minimum of 120 of these pieces, I want to keep them the same for simplicity.

Thanks for the words already given!! =)

I need to lay down and rest, recovering from migraine, I will be back in a bit.


Rich Franco

1 Year Ago

buildings, city buildings, metro, metropolitan, metro areas, municiplaties,neighborhoods,urban core, urban, urban cities, downtown, midtown, uptown, boroughs, tall buildings, districts, enclaves, industrial,mass transit,subways, bus system, rail system, railroads, global, gentrification, tax base, urban renewal,

Stuff like that!



Georgiana Romanovna

1 Year Ago

What everyone else has said but I would put in hmmmm....

vector,design,decor,decorative,home,business,graphic design,home designs,business designs,colorful,vibrant,typography,modern,conceptual,contemporary,your name,cities,major cities..........................I am unsure if you used any of these, but that's my free 2 cents. ;)


Elizabeth S Zulauf

1 Year Ago

Feel better Angelina.


Barbara Moignard

1 Year Ago

Architecture, plan, silhouette, shadow.

Beautiful work!


Carmen Hathaway

1 Year Ago

Great idea -- should be a hit series for you -- maps & iconic art does well on FAA.

One word comes to mind immediately in seeing your designs: 'stylized' then style, icon, iconic, stencil, etc.

Further re: Tags -- found this great online generator -- following step by step instructions -- listed in the yellow text box left screen #s 1-4 -- this is a regular gold mine for key words.


Gunter Nezhoda

1 Year Ago

industrial, high tech, simplistic, understated, minimal, new world, corporate, advertising,logo,swatch,swatches,hip,slick,


Jan Bickerton

1 Year Ago

Wishing you much success with this series, they look stunning!


JC Findley

1 Year Ago

skyline, skylines, sky line, sky lines.


Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

Thank you all so much! =)

I was resting for a long time, I wasn't sure I was going to make it out of bed, but someone needs to make dinner. ;)
The rest helped, and two Excedrin, and a naproxen...with a trip to the chiro's office. Ugh...this body betrays me.

Thank you Carmen, I had the idea a very long time ago, I started the series but grew bored and didn't finish it. I decided to take my lack of motivation and focus it on ideas that I never finished, that could be enough work for a I sold one last month, it made me feel guilty that I had never gone back to it. Thanks for the luck, I hope it is a hit series!


Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

Thanks again, I have more than enough so I am going to close the thread.


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