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Slade Roberts

1 Year Ago

My Art In Film - We're The Millers

So last year I sold my painting "Tank U Very Much" to the set design for the Warner Bros Film "We're the Miller's", staring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. I was sent the link for the new trailer and low and behold I get to see my painting in the set design. The movie comes out Aug 9th 2013. Can't wait to go see it.

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1 Year Ago

Congratulations,Slade.....looks fantastic....

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Phyllis Wolf

1 Year Ago

That's awesome that they chose your painting, Slade! Congratulations!!!


Very cool, Slade -- congratulations! :-)


Roseann Caputo

1 Year Ago

Awesome, Slade! Congrats!


Rebecca Sherman

1 Year Ago

That's so cool!


Marcio Faustino

1 Year Ago

It will be seen by millions of people. A huge oportunity.


Totally awesome and nice they sent you the set image to see it! Congratulations!


Gordon Dean II

1 Year Ago

That freaking rules! Congratulations Slade, nice job!!


Elizabeth S Zulauf

1 Year Ago

So awesome! Congratulations!!


Michael Hoard

1 Year Ago

Congrats to you, how exciting is that, great news!


Kathi Shotwell

1 Year Ago

Totally cool! How exciting!! Thanks for letting us know...


Xueling Zou

1 Year Ago

Congratulations,Slade! Cool and well done!


Kendall Kessler

1 Year Ago

Fantastic! Congratulations!


Tom Roderick

1 Year Ago



Peter Piatt

1 Year Ago

Congrats on the sale and placement in the film.
I haven't seen where others have been bought from Warner Brothers for quite some time now.


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