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Dave Luebbert

2 Years Ago

Artist Dogs

Just out of curiosity, what do you feed your pet dog?

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Ken Krug

1 Year Ago

Usually, dog food. Seriously, though, when I had dogs, often it was Authority, and while it was I believe PetSmart's house brand, it wasn't cheap.
Sometimes Iam's. or Purina Beneful, too. Occasionally Walmart's Ol' Roy, but I don't think they did too well on that. I usually mixed half dry and half canned food.
with a little water, not much.



1 Year Ago

try Nature Balance it is the best with no grains. My dog has always had skin problems and runny eyes and low energy until I switched her food. The difference in her health has been great. I only have to feed her once a day. It doesn't have to be this brand, just any brand that has no grain in it. Also, my dog is allergic to chicken, as are many dogs, so I always make sure whatever I buy has no chicken meal or by products in it.



Breakfast is weetabix with a little milk and a raw egg

Lunch is mackerel or other oily fish

Dinner is Wagg and sometimes a raw chicken thigh

Supper is glucosamine and condonrite added top quality food with added proteins and minerals which costs a fortune but has all the added things he needs

It sounds a lot but is a handful of each for each meal so not a lot in reality

I never feed him tinned dog meat and I make my own oaty doggy biscuits for his treats


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

just kidding.


YOU would have to ask my wife. But I do know they get about 10 percent people food because what we eat they also get.


Ken Krug

1 Year Ago

Janine,lol... release the hounds...
Abbie, that's a well-rounded diet, but I had always heard not to give dogs chicken or turkey bones, no problems with that?

Edit; you did say raw, so maybe raw is okay?


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood...I thought you wanted images of dogs as bad...
But since I am here....
Art Prints


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

Ken, I was going to say "boys who try to date my daughter" but you'd be surprised how snooty their mothers get over that threat.

We've always included table scraps in our animals diets, but I have learned recently ; NO Onions - toxic to the liver.


Deborah Smolinske

1 Year Ago

Geez, Abbie, you feed your furry friend better than I feed myself. That's one lucky pup! ;-)


Pal of mine gives raw turkey bones to her big dog. She has saved his life twice as twice he had a turkey bone stuck in his throat. We give our dogs raw bones but they are thick femur bones.


Ken Krug

1 Year Ago

Robert, the title could be ambiguous. Dog artists could be dogs that are actually artists, that compete with elephant artists, or artists who paint pictures of dogs.
The complete dog artist though I guess would be a dog that was an artist that also painted, exclusively, pictures of dogs, and possibly engravings.

Janine, I was going to say, about the trespassers, you are kidding.....right? But now I dunno, lol. Well, we are so protective of our kids.


Patricia Strand

1 Year Ago

Good quality dry food in the morning only. That cuts down on the gas passing that dogs love to do while you're trying to sleep.


Kenny Francis

1 Year Ago

We have just adopted a little rescue toy poodle, and because of all her health problems ( she had nearly starved to death on the streets), after conferring with our vet, I now cook for the dog, and sometimes even for us. I make a healthy, balanced crockpot of chicken, sweet potato, apple, green beans, carrots, and peas. She also eats what we do, as long as it is a balanced meal, and doesn't contain the things dogs aren't supposed to eat. She is up to a healthy weight now and the kitchen is her favorite room! She loves watermelon, but you can't give them the seeds.


You must never give your dog cooked chicken or turkey as the bones splinter when cooked

However, raw chicken is fine and is fed to police dogs and other working dogs. It contains a host of essential items for a dogs health like collagen and marrow etc

I was taught to train dogs by an ex RAF dog handler and really enjoy giving him the best of the best although, perhaps Weetabix and milk is not necessary LOL He just loves it

Dogs can choke on beef bones also.

I was going to add an image of him but perhaps better not as it is not an image thread LOL He does have a FB page though


Donna Proctor

1 Year Ago

And no grapes or raisins...also toxic for dogs. Actually, for anyone who doesn't know, I believe the top 6 that are the most toxic and can kill dogs are below and in order from top to bottom:

Macadamia nuts

These are considered "deadly" for dogs


Jean Noren

1 Year Ago

Dont forget raw salmon. Our lab almost died from salmon poisoning. We feed ours Science diet - 1 cup twice a day. They weigh 70# and are very active. Our kitchen floor is always "tongue" clean. They get lots of "treats" from the table, but only tiny bits.


Dianne Connolly

1 Year Ago

At the moment I'm minding my son's pig hunting dogs (I helped rear from puppies) while he's away working. He left me a chest freezer full of horse meat dog tucker (he shot and bagged up in daily size bag portions) which I alternate with Tux biscuits and so far have had no complaints. I give them any left over cooked meat out of the fridge that my cats are too fussy for too and they're happy with that. Minding them at various times helped kick start and inspired me to write my 'Tale Of Shredder' and 'Horsey Two Shoes' books.


Kenny Francis

1 Year Ago

Abbie is absolutely right about chicken bones.....never feed those to a dog. However cooked chicken without the bones is fine, Donna has a great list of things not to feed, and also bad are watermelon and apple seeds.


Gina Hyde

1 Year Ago

My dog eats dog food, but she will only eat Ol Roy, I tried all the high exspensive dog food, and she leaves it there and nibbles on it Like a kid that got a plate of brocolli, but she loves garbage cans, so i had to move them infront of the fence. If she has a tummy ach or I need to get her to take her flea meds I wil give her wet food. Mainly because if I hide it in anything else she makes herself vomitt or spits it out... Smarty paints of a dog


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