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Julie Ford

2 Years Ago

Unable To Copy Link To Image

I'm new here, and I *hope* I'm posting this in the right place; if not, I hope one of the mods will be kind enough to move it?

I'm unable to copy the information in the form that lets me post a single image on the forums or on a web page. I'm using both IE 8 and Firefox; and it doesn't work in either one. I'm able to highlight the field, but since right-click is disabled, I'm unable to copy it. I'm also unable to de-highlight them so that I can scroll over the field to manually copy the information in it. Clicking it automatically highlights it, so I can only view the two ends, and not the information in the middle, if that makes sense?

Since it's clearly working for everyone else, there must be a work-around for this?

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Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Press Ctrl key & letter/key 'C' to copy -- Ctrl key & V to paste.

Use Ctrl & X to cut, Ctrl & Z to undo.

Hope this helps.


Louise Reeves

2 Years Ago

After clicking on it to highlight, hit Ctrl C then go to wherever you'll be posting and Ctrl V to paste. Copy and paste by text doesn't work.


Julie Ford

2 Years Ago


Sell Art Online


Julie Ford

2 Years Ago

Ah ha! That worked! Thanks, everyone. :D


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