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Tina Hailey

2 Years Ago

New To The Circle

So i am new to Fine Art, learning my way around here, hoping meet other artist.

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Bradford Martin

2 Years Ago

Hi Tina. Nice portfolio.


Mario Labonte

2 Years Ago

~~~Welcome Tina from the Canadian west coast~~~


Dan Carmichael

2 Years Ago

Hi, Tina. Welcome to FAA. Things can take a little learning at first, but the technical staff as well as forum members are eager to help. Ask a "how do I" question here in the forums, and you'll almost always get a relatively fast answer.

Edit: as a helpful hint, and not a criticism, it will be beneficial if you pop a few more keyword tags into your images. For example, the image titled Purple Iris doesn't even have "iris" as a keyword tag.


JAXINE Cummins

2 Years Ago

Hi Tina, welcome. Photography Prints


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