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Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

Want To Help Name This Art?

I just finished this and it needs a name, help me out with some fine choices please?

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Lawrence Costales

2 Years Ago

Act One


Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

Thank you for all the names, I like "Seeing the Big Picture" "Night at the movies" "Page Not Found". Any other guesses?


Fine Art Photography

2 Years Ago

Who cares what you call it - it's amazing work !


Beverly Livingstone

2 Years Ago

Cyber Friends


R Allen Swezey

2 Years Ago

"Viewing the Big Menu".(alt+V)


John Ayo

2 Years Ago

Little Computer People is taken. :)



2 Years Ago

Hackers Everywhere ;)


Denise Beverly

2 Years Ago

"Seeing the Big Picture" love the popcorn bucket haha


Rich Franco

2 Years Ago

"Get my cat off the keyboard"!!!



Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

How about "Illusion" or "Computerized Nothing"


Patricia Strand

2 Years Ago

Well, it looks like these are travelers (along with dog) who have docked their dinghy at a carnival that just happens to have a gigantic laptop as a main attraction. One figure is pointing at the screen, which is blank. Given all this, I haven't a clue as to a title, lol. Still thinking . . . .

Oh, wait. How about "The Laptop Attraction."


Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

Thank you, Thank you, great names so far.


K L Kingston

2 Years Ago

Wired at Stirbucks

Richie, you are one patient man! The details...!


Open for Business


Tony Murray

2 Years Ago

"The Anykey"


Roz Abellera Art

2 Years Ago

Laptop City


Sinh Phun

2 Years Ago



Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

Yes I admit, I love to put very fine details in my drawings. Almost obsessively sometimes.


Cynthia Decker

2 Years Ago

Night at the movies

Cinema Verite

Love all the little details Richie - the alien at the cash register, the duck swimming through the carpet...


John Ayo

2 Years Ago

The weakest link? :)

World's greatest salesman

1950s Laptop


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

Art Prints

---Mike Savad


Dean Harte

2 Years Ago

what about Page Not Found?


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