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2 Years Ago

Life Of A Photographer

Some might think that life of photographer is easy, standing in the rain, getting wet, in a poor light and hoping for that best shot....

Today we witnessed emotions, we witnessed hair standing up and we witnessed goose bumps, all of that cause of the bear family ....sow and 3 cubs, maybe 399 one is sure 100% .....

She was near the bridge where construction is ....during weekend they removed machinery and left clean bridge .....she made be attempt last night to cross that bridge, cause water is fast for cubs to cross and they would this morning 7 am she tried again....she claimed over temporarily cement barriers and was going a yay a yay a yay how the such a tiny cubs will claim over it assured they did ....mother knows ....

And here they went running across the bridge....once on the other site hundreds of cars for mile long was following's like queen parade ......she changed direction several times....and finally end it up on a middle of hwy ......she got safe escort .....just like a queen....all traffic was stopped bear that I know of got such a treatment .....but she did .....they travelled aprox 6 miles ....for tiny cubs that are 3-4 mo old is exhausted .....they got to the jct rd where she usually goes for her writer den ...she paraded that rd back and for several times and decided to go north .......she finally disappeared on the tip of the JACKSON LAKE .....

No eye could resist this event ...with such a caring and thank god for great rangers that were on duty this morning to orchestrate this event...they gave everyone opportunity to see this family ....if I could I would give them standing ovation JOB WELL DONE

I bet she and cubs are safe and rest peacefully ....tonight .....

And all of that I captured on film :)

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2 Years Ago

And she hasn't been seen since


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