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Mark Thirlwell

2 Years Ago


Hi there, I am new to this site and was wondering why my visits were only showing on one image and not the others?
Thank you

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Mark, you've only got one image at which to receive visitors.............did you add other images? They're not on your page.


Mark Thirlwell

2 Years Ago

Yes I have uploaded ten images, I am unsure what I have not done?


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

you didn't hit submit then, because i only see the one.

---Mike Savad


Mark Thirlwell

2 Years Ago

Aha, that simple! Thank you for your help
Much appreciated, hopefully that has resolved the issue



Deborah Verhoeven

2 Years Ago

Mark, I just visited your page, and it has the one image as everyone stated. I checked your galleries, and it says there that you have ten images, but when I tried to view them it said that they are "password protected". So, you images are there, I suppose, but none of us can see them.


Bradford Martin

2 Years Ago

Hi Mark. Go to your photographic gallery and select the edit tab. In the edit view there is a drop down box that says passowrd protected? Select no. Then anyone can see your images.


Mark Thirlwell

2 Years Ago

ok Deborah and Martin, thank you
much appreciated



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