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Phyllis Beiser

2 Years Ago

Questionable Email?

This morning someone sent me a personal email as follows.(Hi, This is a beautiful picture of a pelican. I love it! I would like to use this pelican picture on my letterhead. What is the process to get approval and is there a fee for permission? Is this photo copyrighted? Thanks!) The pelican that she is refering to is a painting. What do you guys think of this? Does it sound like she is being honest or fishing to see if she could use it without payment?

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Shasta Eone

2 Years Ago

It appears she is asking the right questions rather than just going ahead and snagging it. Set you terms / price / conditions and see what happens.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

typically everyone wants it for free, but she's being cautious. i would set it up as a contract, because you don't know if this is her personal letterhead, or the letterhead of a huge company.

---Mike Savad


A M Johnson

2 Years Ago

Cost comes down to usage. Find out what she is using it for then you can quote a price for the licensing.


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