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Kiara Reynolds

2 Years Ago


"Sometimes you have to encourage yourself..." Sometimes..Nobody is going to pat you on the back, pick you up when you fall, reach out, and give a helping hand. They say its a cold world fill with cold hearts and people that cant see past themselves. I think its about time we start giving some encouragement, hope, and love. Whether its through our ART words or actions. So maybe Im a dreamer to think I can make a difference? Im just one girl, true. But Ima keep dreaming for two. So anybody who maybe reading this going through your own struggle keep your keep up. Be strong. Pray. I love you. Keep pushing & don't give up! --don't really expect any replies, just speaking my mind :) God bless you all, to my dreamers & world changes. #I Believe. #Be Encouraged

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Ana Belle

2 Years Ago

THank you for that Kiara! Lots of love to you too.. we all badly need it. :=)


Kiara Reynolds

2 Years Ago

You are sooo very welcome much love to you as well :)


Good thoughts. Good artwork

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Kiara Reynolds

2 Years Ago

Thank you Vivian ;) I looked at yours as well very nice! I love abstract!

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