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Muller Jeanfrancois

2 Years Ago

Iíam A Artist,

Hello, my name is Muller Jean Francois. Iíam a artist, who art represents the world. My inspiration for my artwork comes from my dreams, and feelings. Images you canít see, I can transfer those images in my artwork. My styles of paintings are: abstract, oil, acylic. If you want to represent my work you can contact me at

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

because no one replied to you, i have to tell you that we are all artists here, no one here will represent you, you will have to seek that out on your own. i can tell though, that you don't have enough work to be represented by anyone, and your images are poorly photographed. if you want to be taken seriously, scan them in, or have them professionally done. most of the images have a blue cast (unless that's how it's supposed to look), they have their background showing and i see a date on some of them.

if you took these images to an actual gallery, they would probably turn you around and show you the exit because they aren't that great looking in terms of how you captured them. you need sharp clear detail and these don't have that quality. i also suggest at least on this site, while your avatar image is nice, in the forum your head is cut clean off.

---Mike Savad


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