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Dan Sabin

2 Years Ago

Replacing Images Question

I had made a correction to one of my images then used "change image" but my previous image that I changed is still showing. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

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Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

Dan, I had that issue before. I finally just ended up deleting it and reposting it, but you lose any comments or votes. You can put this problem in the "Bugs and fixes" thread...Just search in the thread box for "bugs" and that discussion will come up.


Margaret Saheed

2 Years Ago

Dan, you could try clicking Refresh.


JC Findley

2 Years Ago

Actually it has to do with your computer's cache. It should show the new one if you clear your cache but it wil show within a day or two if you do nothing.

(People that have not been looking at your image should see the new one when they open it now though.)


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

JC, if he signs out and signs back in, does that clear it? I had that problem about a year ago and finally just deleted the image and started over.....didn't know it was actually working...


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

it's that cache thing, clear the cache, refresh and it should be fine. because it erases the old picture, so it's not there. sometimes its better to get off the picture, erase the cache, then load it again.

---Mike Savad


JC Findley

2 Years Ago

signing on an of won't help, restarting your computer usually will...


Theresa Tahara

2 Years Ago

My old picture is in the small view and my new one is in the large view. I don't think that is my computer.


Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago


It is. Thats your cache


A Souppes

2 Years Ago

Press F5 on the keyboard. That's universal unix/linux/mac/windows refresh browser.


Jamie Frier

2 Years Ago

Yes, I use F5 all the time when I update/change images.


Dan Sabin

2 Years Ago

Found the problem....After "change image" you need to go to the bottom and select "submit". I didn't select "submit previously. Then I used your suggestion to refresh and there was my changed image. Thank you all for your help,


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