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Diane Bell

1 Year Ago

Scanning Original Artwork

I have some original artwork that I would like to post in my gallery. Everyone has such beautiful an high quality images of their artwork on here. I was wondering the best way to scan/photography my images. Some of them are large.

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Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

Take them to a printer & they will "stitch" the large sizes together for you.

You can learn to photograph them - if you have a lot of patience & a decent camera.


Mary Armstrong

1 Year Ago

I have a middle size scanner, (can scan to 11 x 17 inches) meaning not high end, but does a good job. I want to know how to stitch scans together. How do you do that? And what if the lid of the scanner cannot be removed in order to put something larger on the glass? No use trying to scan and stitch then.


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

Mary, there are a few old threads on here about using the free stitching programs available. & that seems to be the problem for most people - not being able to remove the lid of the scanner .
Check with your local printers - it is not too pricey to have your paintings scanned ( & "marry" as they call it . )
It really sounds much easier if you have a good pile of work to copy. For me it's a hassle because I live far away from a decent town to be running back & forth. When I get about 25 together, I will - because then you can print at the largest sizes available..


Judy Kay

1 Year Ago

Mary, go to this thread and scroll down to Catherine Howard..She posted a tutorial on stitching that is very detailed.

PS scroll down to her 2nd post in this thread


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