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Hans-Juergen Sommer

2 Years Ago

Photography Contest...need Help For Great Pics...

please vote for me...I'm an artist from Germany...
Greetings and thank you

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Carolyn Marshall

2 Years Ago

Voted for your car and Eiffel Tower - great shots! I'm not sure they will allow the first one as it is not straight photography. I could be wrong, though. Guess it doesn't hurt to get the votes and then they can sort it out at the end. :-)

Here are mine, if you don't mind voting, and "thanks" if you do.


Hans-Juergen Sommer

2 Years Ago

Hi Carolyn,
voted for your 3 pics...


Dean Harte

2 Years Ago

never mind


Carolyn Marshall

2 Years Ago

At this point, Dean, it isn't a matter of "cancelling out each other's votes". Ya gotta get the 250 votes to even get considered in the 2nd round. All this first part about is getting votes to get to that far. Then it is juried from there. At least that's the way I understand it. :-)


Carolyn Marshall

2 Years Ago

Looks like we were writing at the same time, Dean.


Christine Till

2 Years Ago

Gruesse nach Ludwigshafen :-)


Dean Harte

2 Years Ago

yes hadn't read the details properly which is why I deleted the comment


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

I have used my 100 votes up. There were so many good ones - I do hope I voted for yours - I would vote for more - but they won't let me.

To any and all who vote for mine - thank you


Steven Ralser

2 Years Ago

Here's one that I will concentrate on, I'm 20% of the way there.


Here is mine! I too am almost out of votes but if you have one and like this..thanks so much :)



Hans, I love your shots...especially Cuba!


Jim Poulos

2 Years Ago

Voted for all above.

If anyone wants to help me out - much appreciated if you do:


Why are all the Photo Contest threads soliciting votes , now closed? (except this one)

edit...........oops.......spoke too soon....................any reason for closures? Am curious. Last contest filled the else to get votes?


Deanna Proffitt

2 Years Ago

OK voted for all!!!


This discussion is closed.

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