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Dean Harte

1 Year Ago

Need A Little Boost?

Photographer Steve McCurry's collection of smiles around the world. You will smile too, 100% guaranteed :D

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Patricia Strand

1 Year Ago

Oh wow. I think I'll look at this every day. I love the two little boys on the busy street in China.


Dean Harte

1 Year Ago

:) Im still chuckling myself and will definitely keep the link handy for when I feel blue - agree, the little boys pic is great. My favourite would be the gentleman from Burma with the glasses and black teeth. Steve McCurry is also the photographer who shot that famous Afghan girl photo btw.


Rebecca Sherman

1 Year Ago

Dean, That was wonderful. Thank you.


Lynn Palmer

1 Year Ago

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Personally I loved the family of four riding a donkey and the old man carrying a sewing machine across the river.


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

" The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief " Shakespeare.

Good one.


Marilyn Wilson

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much for posting this. Awesome!


Priya Ghose

1 Year Ago



Thanks Dean.......I'm even happier now..........Cheers!


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