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Rebecca Glaze

2 Years Ago

My First Marilyn Painting.

I was inspired by Paul Lovering's new Art Group about Marilyn Monroe. Beautiful subject!

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Jani Freimann

2 Years Ago

It's looking good, Rebecca. :-)

I did one of her too after reading her autobiography. She is very challenging to draw. At least I found it to be. Probably because she is so well-known and I wanted to capture her vulnerable side.

Here's mine:

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Rebecca Glaze

2 Years Ago

Thanks! Pretty drawing Jani!


Andrew Read

2 Years Ago

Looking great Rebecca, love the 3 portrait look, i did a few of Marilyn, not an easy subject to capture and to get her look just right.
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Rebecca Glaze

2 Years Ago

Thanks Andrew! Nice work! I think you captured her look for sure!


Rachel Barrett

2 Years Ago

Beautiful works of Marilyn Monroe, everyone. Wish I could master the skill at drawing people. I just never seemed not be able to! :(


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