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Fran Hogan

2 Years Ago

Emails About Contests - With No Link To The Contest Page

Why don't the contest holders put a link to the contest in their emails?
How else are we to get to the contest page... other than starting back with the holder's page and searching thru their groups and contest?

I think I won't enter any more contests... it is such an order to FIND the contest page again.

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Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

Go Behind the Scenes | Contests

All contests you are involved with are there

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Andee Design

2 Years Ago

Abbie when they send out a link to ask us to enter their new contest many times

there is no link to find the contest....we have to hunt it if we want to join...that may

be what they speak of unless it is at vote time. They just forget to add it to the note


Jani Freimann

2 Years Ago

I do it for my contests because I want to make it easy for the group members to join in and more do join because of it, I think.

Unfortunately, Fran, that is not something that is easily controlled. Even if it were requested by Abbie directly. However, if you get an E-mail about a contest through a group, you can click on the link provided at the bottom of the E-mail and the group has a contest tab that you can click on. It's a couple extra steps, but is very doable.


Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

I always do, but fran... just reply to the email and ask the sender for the link. And then when told of the omission they can resend the email to everyone with the link. Granted it certainly should have been in the email to begin with.



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