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Just Sold An Order For 300 Cards

Posted by: JC Findley on 05/08/2013 - 7:45 PM

That is one I did not see coming. 12 boxes of 25....

Not sure what someone is doing with that many unless they are using them for some sort of invite or perhaps reselling them on a wholesale basis but regardless, it made for a nice day.

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Oldest Reply

Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 05/08/2013 - 7:46 PM

I'm thinking a veterans association is sending them out to 300 of their members...


Posted by: Cynthia Decker on 05/08/2013 - 7:46 PM

Nice! Congratulations!


Posted by: Diana Sainz on 05/08/2013 - 7:48 PM

Congrats!!! AWESOME!!!


Posted by: Andrew Pacheco on 05/08/2013 - 7:49 PM

Wow! Awesome sale! Congrats.


Posted by: Rebecca Sherman on 05/08/2013 - 7:49 PM

Wow!! That's great!


Posted by: Shana Rowe on 05/08/2013 - 7:50 PM

Holy crap!! That's a big sale!! Congrats!!!


Posted by: Brian Wallace on 05/08/2013 - 7:51 PM


Posted by: Priya Ghose on 05/08/2013 - 7:54 PM



Posted by: Vivian ANDERSON on 05/08/2013 - 7:58 PM

WOW, not surprised, stunning image, congratulations.


Posted by: Natalie Holland on 05/08/2013 - 8:00 PM



Posted by: Heidi Smith on 05/08/2013 - 8:01 PM

Awesome! Congrats, JC!


Posted by: Janice Drew on 05/08/2013 - 8:01 PM

Awesome news, JC! Congratulations!!!


Posted by: Michael Rock on 05/08/2013 - 8:04 PM

I sold one card today and I was over the moon!
I cant imagine selling 300 cards


Posted by: Camille Lopez on 05/08/2013 - 8:07 PM

very cool, congratulations


Posted by: Christine Till on 05/08/2013 - 8:09 PM

Big congrats :-)
Now tell your wife to smile and be happy !


Posted by: Janine Riley on 05/08/2013 - 8:11 PM

I was going to say " : P " , but it is a memorial. Very touching. Congrats. JC. Job well done.


Posted by: Patricia Strand on 05/08/2013 - 8:13 PM

Wow, congratulations!! I wonder if anyone has sold more cards all in one fell swoop. (lol, Christine)


Posted by: Isabella F Abbie Shores on 05/08/2013 - 8:25 PM

Very many congrats JC!


Posted by: Conor Murphy on 05/08/2013 - 9:00 PM

Congrats JC, great news.


Posted by: Kim Hojnacki on 05/08/2013 - 9:12 PM

Wow great news. Congratulations!


Posted by: Roy Erickson on 05/08/2013 - 9:14 PM

'tis a shame you don't know who ordered them - wonder if they are going to be invitations to a Marine's wedding - or perhaps invites to a Marine Corps Birthday Ball on November 10.


Posted by: JC Findley on 05/08/2013 - 9:17 PM

Thank yall...

Yupp, I was thinking Marine Corps wedding myself.


Posted by: Greg Jackson on 05/08/2013 - 9:23 PM

Congrats on the sale, JC. Another event that comes to mind might be a recruit graduation ceremony at Parris Island or the one on the left-hand coast.


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 05/08/2013 - 9:23 PM

Congrats JC!!!


Posted by: Beverly Livingstone on 05/08/2013 - 9:35 PM

That is fantastic!!!!!!!

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Posted by: Angelina Vick on 05/09/2013 - 2:43 PM



Posted by: K Kingston on 05/09/2013 - 2:47 PM

Excellent, J.C.! Congrats!


Posted by: JAXINE Cummins on 05/09/2013 - 3:01 PM

wonderful, J.C. you deserve that sale.


Posted by: Marilyn Wilson on 05/09/2013 - 3:39 PM



Posted by: ANA MARIA EDULESCU on 05/09/2013 - 3:47 PM

Wooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!! What a great sale !!!!! Big congrats, JC !!!!! Well deserved. The image is stunning.


Posted by: Ricardo De Almeida on 05/09/2013 - 7:38 PM

That's impressive!


Posted by: JC Findley on 05/09/2013 - 8:07 PM

Thank yall....


Posted by: Robert Frank Gabriel on 05/09/2013 - 8:14 PM

How did you get all those marines to pose for the picture? lol.


Posted by: JC Findley on 05/09/2013 - 8:15 PM


Posted by: Frank J Casella on 05/09/2013 - 8:44 PM

Nice JC. Hope it continues. I used to make sales like this when full color printing greeting cards was in its hayday. All it takes is for a person your customer sends the cards to to get the same idea and make another order.

I just sold a greeting card too. My first sale since I started here in January. About a couple weeks ago I started shooting JPEG, so I uploaded one of those image and what do you know?! Yup! Though I have to admit that I also changed the pricing on my cards.

Like I always say, pennies make dollars.


Posted by: JC Findley on 05/09/2013 - 9:03 PM

That is the other thing about it; 300 people will be getting a sample of my work.


Posted by: Shane Bechler on 05/09/2013 - 9:09 PM

Congratulation JC!


Posted by: Cricket Hackmann on 05/09/2013 - 10:20 PM

Woohoo! Congratulations, JC -- that is great news! And the best news is that 300 people will receive a sample of your work, and information on how to acquire more! :-)


Posted by: Michelle Frizzell-Thompson on 05/09/2013 - 10:37 PM

And some people say cards don't sell! HA! This is beyond an awesome order! Congratulations! I wonder if you set some type of FAA record??


Posted by: Frank J Casella on 05/10/2013 - 9:08 AM

That's right, JC, not only will people get samples of your work, but you're selling the hamburger way ... repetition and duplication.

In other words, when you're on FAA you can sell the original ( one big hamburger ), but you're better to sell museum quality copies ( many small hamburgers ).

And when you sell greeting cards the correct way, it puts this concept into "fast food" mode.

There was a separate thread not too long ago I think you started about another site for selling greeting cards. Instead of that, I think FAA needs to promote greeting cards more, or create a separate site like they did for Instagram prints.

... It gets new buyers to make a "safe" purchase with spending pocket money on a greeting card. Once they see the quality of the cards, this could remove buying reluctance on prints.


Posted by: Beth Vincent on 05/10/2013 - 9:13 AM

Nice! Congratulations.


Posted by: Ausra Paulauskaite on 05/10/2013 - 9:29 AM



Posted by: Peter Piatt on 05/10/2013 - 11:04 AM

Wonderful news JC and wonderful image.


Posted by: Zeana Romanovna on 05/10/2013 - 3:26 PM

Wow JC!!!!!!!! Huge Congratulations to you :))


Posted by: Marcio Faustino on 05/10/2013 - 3:35 PM

Congratulations... :)


Posted by: Michael Hoard on 05/11/2013 - 1:08 AM

Congrats, such a beautiful photo, I have seen it in person......It may be the National D-Day Museum here in New Orleans, did it say where the buyer was from......hip hip ho ray !


Posted by: Wibada Photo on 05/11/2013 - 5:31 AM

Congratulations on the sale!! It is a remarkable image.


Posted by: Ankya Klay on 05/11/2013 - 5:37 AM

Whatever they are doing with 300 cards, it's fantastic JC ! Congratulations....

Did you do any particular target marketing for this ?



Posted by: Ankya Klay on 05/11/2013 - 5:37 AM

Whatever they are doing with 300 cards, it's fantastic JC ! Congratulations....

Did you do any particular target marketing for this ?



Posted by: JC Findley on 05/11/2013 - 11:37 PM

Thank yall...

I didn't Ankya


Posted by: Joyce Gebauer on 05/12/2013 - 12:05 AM

I have to send you my cograts as well!! wtg!


Posted by: J L Meadows on 05/12/2013 - 12:17 AM

Congrats, JC!


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