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Maria Bedacht

1 Year Ago

Quick Question On Metadata

I have been able to upload Keyword and Description / Artists notes metadata with mt images. I have not been able to find where to stick the Artwork Title to have it picked up by the system. I have tried various IPTC and XMP tags, all to no avail. Can anybody tell me what tag it will get picked up from?

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Gunter Nezhoda

1 Year Ago



Yes, IPTC Document Title


Maria Bedacht

1 Year Ago

I have tried using the -Title tag in exiftool (and anything else that seems remotely related) but none of the are getting into the image.



I use Irfanview

quick tutorial I made for anyone interested


Maria Bedacht

1 Year Ago

Thank you Isabella;

You pointed me in the right direction. I used Irfanview to fill in the field and then looked at the metadata that was produced. The IPTC tag that Irfanview is using for Title is "ObjectName". Using this tag in exiftool I was able to successfully upload with all the metadata (Title, Keywords and Description already filled in.

Thanks once again.


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