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Eric Rundle

2 Years Ago

Insanity Sale

Removed do to negativity

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

tell people outside the site and remind them it's off your profit and it's not really that amount.

---Mike Savad


Viktor Savchenko

2 Years Ago

I hope you'll tell us if this strategy is working. In MHO you degradating your efforts and you art. Some of your works outstanding.
You need to promote your art out of FAA.


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

Good luck with this - It just seems to me that this won't work. "I" think most people don't realize that YOU don't get all the money minus the actual cost of printing and shipping. IF your markup was the same for every size - say $100 - then you could have them take off, let's say, $50. But, most of us have a different mark up on each size. Telling people there is a percentage off - they are going to think it's like going into JC Penney or Dillards where they are having a 50% off sale and it's 50% off the tag and only the sales tax will get tacked onto the 50% off. IF I wanted to purchase a print of one of your Needle Rock (which I think are some of your best shots), on canvas at a large size and it's, (round it off to say), $400. I'd be expecting to pay about $20 + shipping and tax. But that's not the case - I'll be paying about $305 + . thank you - but I'll just hang up the phone here - because telling me I was getting 95% off your mark up - I'm not buying it.

I do wish you well. rd


John Crothers

2 Years Ago

If you REALLY want to do a insanity sale I would recommend 225% off!


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