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Jeff Gettis

2 Years Ago

Your Art, In A Major Museum

If you were chosen, to hang any two of your works in a MAJOR museum, as part of their permanent collection, which two would they be?

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2 Years Ago

My art is already in a!
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Shane Bechler

2 Years Ago

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Both of these are currently hanging in the Lone Tree Art Museum in Colorado. These are two of my most visited images on FAA.


Jani Freimann

2 Years Ago

Museum walls are so huge. At least the Seattle Art Museum's walls are. I would put these two up because they are my largest pieces. 3ft x 4ft each.

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Marcio Faustino

2 Years Ago

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Wow, Jeff -- thats a crazy and exciting question. I'll have to think about it . . .

In the meantime, have you received an offer you can't refuse? What are your two choices?


Jeff Gettis

2 Years Ago

I don't know Wendy! I also would have to think about it.
Its a hard decision, I don't think I would be completely satisfied with anything I chose in that situation.

Which leads me to another question. How do you respond when somebody loves an artwork of yours that
you hate, and know is bad?


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

Lol...that is priceless.

Intriguing question...I need to think about it.


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