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David Francis Willis

1 Year Ago

Verification Of My Website For Pinterest

I have a file upload from pinterest to put on my artist.websites . The form said to put it with the server. Where do I place it? This is a verification issue with pinterest.Thank you for any help. David Willis

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Thanks to Beth,Wendy, Chuck, and Mike. Very helpful. David


No you are not allowed to do that here, sorry


I was able to verify my Pinterest account using my blog (through


Chuck De La Rosa

1 Year Ago

You can't verify Pinterest with FAA. We don't have access to the file system on the FAA server that hosts our Artist's Website.


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

what do you mean, upload from pinterest to here?

don't you mean, pin something from this site to that one? i don't know enough about pinterest to remember the verification process. i do know you can't do it the way you said it. and i do know it's a bad idea to send full size images to pinterest - because they will sell them you gave them the permission to do so.

---Mike Savad


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