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John Ayo

1 Year Ago

Dan's Post Re Faa Discussion Board

Dan's lack-of-discussion complaint, or rather Beth's response to it, reminded me of a Gandhi quote.

I'll leave finding the quote and posting it here as an exercise for another participant. :) (Mostly 'cause I gotta skedaddle off to work...)

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


John Ayo

1 Year Ago


Now... Discuss!

I'll be back in the morning.


Louise Reeves

1 Year Ago

I don't see the problem-there's plenty of discussion. I do agree, though: If you having an issue with how things are going, the change begins with you.


Jenny Armitage

1 Year Ago

I'm tired of one thread after another discussing how to sell better. One would be nice. But, I'm not coming up with any good discussion ideas myself. So? Dan, let's see the the new discussion topic?


Lynn Palmer

1 Year Ago

I personally enjoy looking at images posted in the forum and find a lot of the other discussions pretty boring. It doesn't seem that difficult to identify an image thread and avoid it if you don't like them. Besides, they seem to generate a lot of views and comments for images I post in them so someone is enjoying them.


Gunter Nezhoda

1 Year Ago

I totally agree with Jenny, everybody registers here and put their work up and then they are talking about nothing but selling. I go a lot to restaurants and people there don't want to do nothing but eat. horrible:)


Roseann Caputo

1 Year Ago

Just like anything else, stay out of the discussions you don't like and participate in the ones you do. If there's a subject you feel should be discussed, start up a discussion. Either that, or you have the option to start your own POD site.


Warren Thompson

1 Year Ago

It makes sense if you don't like a topic...go paint or grab the camera.

What is the point of discouraging others?


There is nothing wrong with the discussions. There are lots of different ones going on at any time.

Making a new discussion, to bemoan discussions, is just trying to cause mischief and to start people having a go at other people. That is called trolling on other forums.


Roseann Caputo

1 Year Ago

I'm pretty sure it's trolling period.

But if you notice the recent discussion, it's getting him the attention he seems to enjoy.




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