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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

1 Year Ago

"spontaneous Rejections" Still Happening In My Groups!

This has been going on for the last few months...and, I just had another couple instances of people's group submissions being 'spontaneously rejected' from my groups as they add them. Feelings are getting hurt and I'm never even getting a chance to see these images before they are rejected. Sigh....could somebody please look into this? I know, Beth, that you told me I was the only one who reported this so other Group Admins are getting complaints from your members about their works getting "rejected" can you either post here and/or write a "help ticket" letter to the Admin of FAA? Thanks!

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Guess it's only with my groups...

Oh, and I love how somebody called me "anal" when I sent a note to everyone in my groups about letting me know if this happens to them so I can fix it...along with the rules that have been in effect for months...just as a reminder...nice... (end of vent)


Closing this now...I'm happy that this apparently isn't happening in other people's groups...


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