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Ana Belle

2 Years Ago

My Youtube Vid

This is my first youtube video! Finally... Never thought its easier to create videos...

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Brian Wallace

2 Years Ago

Nice job Ladies!

@Ana... Your music ends abruptly. It might be more pleasing if you fade it out softly. (I hope you don't mind the suggestion).


Ana Belle

2 Years Ago

@ brian- ah thank you for ur suggestion... but i still have to figure out how am i going to change that. :D


Brian Wallace

2 Years Ago

Part of the fun Ana! But as Debra mentioned sometimes it can be "time consuming". After you're more familiar with the tools, methods, and idiosyncrasies, the procedure should speed up a bit.


Ana Belle

2 Years Ago

yeah i know Brian... i guess i need to do more ;D


Nice work, Ana Belle -- welcome to video marketing!

Good advice from Brian about the music. Also, a clickable link in your description would make it easier for viewers to find more of your work. I couldn't get the link there to work, even by copying and pasting it into my browser.


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

Very nice !


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