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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

1 Year Ago

Holocaust Memory Project...

I just watched a very moving documentary on PBS about a Holocaust Memory Project ( ), and I saw another documentary a few days ago...about the resilience of survivors of horrific incidences..some of whom where holocaust survivors. Today's show combined the memories of a Polish Jewish lady who survived the Holocaust, mixed with her daughter's paintings about it, and her grand-daughter's music. My husband informed me that yesterday (?) was the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising...which is probably why the show was aired today.

Do any of you have any Holocaust memorial artwork that you'd care to share with us. Let us never forget...

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Nekoda Singer

1 Year Ago

Art Prints
This is my small contribution


Les Palenik

1 Year Ago

here is a sign from a railway car transporting Jews to Auschwitz, and a picture of destroyed and neglected synagogue:

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Thank you both for sharing....


John Rizzuto

1 Year Ago

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Wow, John...those are powerful...thank you for sharing those.


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