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Gunter Nezhoda

2 Years Ago

Watch This, It'll Make Your Day

Watch this, it'll make your day.

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Jolanta Anna Karolska

2 Years Ago

thank you for sharing Gunter...lovely!


J L Meadows

2 Years Ago

Wonderful!!!! Thank you!


Cynthia Snider

2 Years Ago

Very nice, pay it forward.


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

Hey, that was nice. I've always found life to be like that in a small town, but I've also seen a lot of kindness in a big city.
People are good, it's just that the bad ones are louder.


Carrie Cranwill

2 Years Ago

Very nice, thank you for sharing it.


Catherine Howard

2 Years Ago

Really enjoyed watching that... thank you for sharing.


Charles Fennen

2 Years Ago

Thanks Gunter,
I really enjoyed them both. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to experience them. I'll pass them on!


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