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Shasta Eone

2 Years Ago

This Is The Oldest . . .

When my brother and I were in our teens, ( and that is a LONG time ago ), our mom and dad would plan a Sunday outing of some educational value. We lived in So. California, so a visit to Mt. Wilson observatory, Descancio ( sp ) Gardens, Griffith Park, were such places.

Among these was Huntington Library which includes various beautiful theme gardens. One of these was a cactus garden. This shot was taken with my very first camera, ... an Argus C3. So, IT IS MY OLDEST !

So, start digging through your files and see what you find ... show your oldest.

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Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

So.. how old is it?


Warren Thompson

2 Years Ago

Sell Art Online

From the early 80's. I had a Yashica 35mm at the time.

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A snapshot From June 1990.


Shasta Eone

2 Years Ago

It's not nice to ask a woman her age : ))))) lol

[ A teen, then ............. late 70's now . ]


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