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Paul Gulliver

2 Years Ago

Bad Gateway - Again!

Unable to view any photos on my site just get
"502 Bad Gateway

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response."
This seems to be a regular occurrence this week, hope the problem is sorted soon

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Georgiana Romanovna

2 Years Ago

Same here. It is happening from FB and Twitter to me - so therefore all who once could click on a link just get the 502 error. I guess Sean must be up to something :))


Paul Gulliver

2 Years Ago

Well if Sean is deliberately doing something it would have been good to have had a post from him on here so that we would know what to expect. These unexpected issues just gets everyones back up - well mine at least.


Georgiana Romanovna

2 Years Ago

Paul, I'm only guessing what it might be - I don't really know. :(

Edit - he is online, and probably trying to fix it.


Richard Rizzo

2 Years Ago

I just got it too when I went to check on a comment of one of my artworks.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

it seems to be spreading everywhere, though i was able to do it right now... i just hope customers aren't having that problem, or that the search engines are dropping links if they see one of those if they come.

---Mike Savad


Debra Forand

2 Years Ago

Getting it to! Can't view any images!


Christine Till

2 Years Ago

I get everything working ok using Chrome ... but 502 Bad Gateway using IE10 and FF

artistwebsites is 502 Bad Gateway in all browsers


Chuck Staley

2 Years Ago

Great. Got a sale pending through Craigslist.


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