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Sandra Pena de Ortiz

1 Year Ago

Post 3 Links Of Your Art And Promote

Dear All!

I have seen this type of discussion in other groups and think it would work great for M&N members. Here, you can post up to 3 links per day!!! Please do not post your images, just the links. Follow my lead in my first post.

1) You must participate in order to post your 3 links, then ....

2) You promote as many participants you can or want (BUT AT LEAST THE ONE MEMBER IMMEDIATELY ABOVE YOU) that have posted above you!

3) You visit all 3 links per box of the participants you will promote by voting on each image of the 3 links, yet comment on 1 per box.

4) Only post 1 set of 3 link submissions per day.

5) Everyone does this who participates in this thread. This will up our views and votes tremendously if we all participate.

To post a link: (works better with two windows open: one to the thread and the other to the art.

1) Open the window with the piece of art
2) Highlight and copy (CTRL C) the URL which is at the top of your page in your browser
3) Come back to the thread and paste (CTRL V) the link

Reply Order

Post Reply

Had fun commenting and voting for the images linked up to my last entry.

NOTE: If you do not have much time, just vote/comment on the images of the artist that posted before you. Just feel free to participate as time permits you. The important thing is to participate and keep the thread moving along.


Nikolyn McDonald

1 Year Ago

Viewed all three links for the six people above: Douglas, Kendall, Patricia, Lee, Gallery 3, Sandra. Commented and/or voted on at least one image for each person.


Melissa Nankervis

1 Year Ago

Just V&C / &C G+ F a few Artists above me - Great work to ALL!

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Sherry Gombert

1 Year Ago

Great images Amber..Just promoted the following
out of the three Overgrown was my favorite..Great Job..


Andy Prendy

1 Year Ago

Hi, here are three of my postage stamp details with a hopefully nostalgic or at least historical feel:

Thanks for setting up this new discussion / promotion idea Sandra :-) I'll go back and promote some of the above now


Cheri Randolph

1 Year Ago

Hi Sandra, Good Idea - the more votes the better. Here's three from my Cuba Gallery. I'll go back and vote for all to the beginning.


Barbara Chichester

1 Year Ago

voted, viewed and commented and or faved... on all before me


Look forward for much fun and interactions!


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