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Anne Norskog

2 Years Ago

Shot Down Twice

This is the second sale/ no-sale that has been posted to my account in 10 days...again, this is so disappointing.

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Anne Norskog

2 Years Ago

Photography Prints

This was the first sale/ no-sale posted...


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

That's terrible, is there some chance this is the same buyer having difficulty deciding on which image to purchase? I'm new to selling so I understand just how disappointing this must be for you. It sounds like they are cancelling before the order is shipped so it's no reflection on the quality of your work. You have nice work so try to be patient and "keep your chin up" as my grandfather would say.


Murray Bloom

2 Years Ago

Did they tell you why, Anne? I suspect that it's the slight softness on the iris, but it should be fine on anything other than a large print. If the print is 16" or smaller, you could request reconsideration.


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

Murry - I believe her previous problem was the buyer changing their mind. Not FAA canceling the sale.


Anne Norskog

2 Years Ago

Hi Folks. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Happy Easter, all.

I am closing this thread now. The "machinery" behind the scenes notifies the public about a sale. Every artist loves seeing those messages in their Email--but when the sale actually gets cancelled prior to shipment it makes me wonder if the sales announcement should be held until the print is actually in the mail. That would stop the high/low rollercoaster.


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