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Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

General Reactions To An Experiment In Conceptual Art

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Title: Three Drunken Sailors Under a Street Light
See the description for how I created the image. I did some digital manipulations like the vignette and some filling in of smaller sections.

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Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

Oops, I wanted to post this in the "raw critique" group. But this will do.
Just any quick thought/critique you might have, if you want to respond.


Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

Hey Greg... I stared at it for a while, but... sorry it's doesn't grab me.


Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

Well, it is mostly random, with a few added bells and whistles...
I really like the title, though!


Overall I like it.

However, I don't feel, personally, the background works with it.

It is to dark and heavy for what is, essentially, a light piece.

Without that gradient background, in that colour, the overall image appeals more.

Like it and the title works.....needs the dark for that....shame


Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

OK, here's a version with no filling in, continuous walk paths, and a softer gradient. But it needed a different title.
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Victoria Tekhtilova

1 Year Ago

........... important not to confuse what is referred to as "conceptual" with an artist's "intention :)

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........ current conceptualist art retains the forms of historic conceptual art but is almost devoid of ideas.


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