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Diane Mintle

2 Years Ago

Newbie Question.....

I've had some nice comments on my images and some end with "v/f". Can someone please tell me what that means? LOL

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Joy Watson

2 Years Ago

Hi Diane, it means Favorited and voted.


Diane Mintle

2 Years Ago

Thanks Joy!! :)


Rachel Barrett

2 Years Ago

I took a wild guess on that one recently! I was right, though. :)


Diane Mintle

2 Years Ago

LOL! Thanks Rachel. I tried and tried to figure it out....but just couldn't. I'm still learning! ;)


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

Votes do help a bit to move you up in the searches. It's a nice friendly thing to do.
Not the same as a contest vote. Had me so confused too when I first started. I thought "Uh oh - what I do ? ". Lol


Diane Mintle

2 Years Ago

Thanks for the info Janine! :) LOL


Peggy Collins

2 Years Ago

I'm a newbie too...I thought it stood for "voted for", lol!


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