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Wendy J St Christopher

2 Years Ago

The Recent I-frames Thread?

There was a (fairly) recent discussion of how to set up a remote gallery using I-frames (I think).

Anyone else remember that, or who shared the wisdom? Beth, maybe?

Unfortunately, a search is turning up every post that includes the word 'frame'.

Oy. :-/

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Paul Gulliver

2 Years Ago

Not recent, but is this any help?


Paul, that's not the thread I'm thinking of but has enough info to be enormously helpful. Thank you very kindly for digging that up! :-)

What a difference a hyphen makes . . . i-frame vs. iframe. ;-)


Paul Gulliver

2 Years Ago

Yes, I'm sure there is another thread somewhere, a few weeks ago I tried embedding the shop/cart on my web site, it works but didn't fit in with the colour scheme of my site and looked a bit odd. I just decided to go with links on my contact page


That page looks great, Paul.

I haven't made a final decision on what I'll do. I'm renovating my blog and want to include a 'portfolio' page (with prices), without having to do too much linking and coding.

I'm down to the wire on time, and have to do something practical before Thursday.

My eyes are beginning to cross . . .


Beth, that's exactly what I was looking for! Thought I'd saved it but Poof! -- gone. Will make sure this time. :-)

Thanks, Paul and Beth, for your assistance. :-)


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