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EricaMaxine Price

2 Years Ago

Problem With Facebook

I just noticed that when I change a name of a picture in FAA that it doesn't change the name in FB and puts a blank box in its place. When you click on the box it leads you to a broken link...
There must be a better way... ? Like posting the picture again?

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Pamela Patch

2 Years Ago

changing the title and or name of the artist breaks all former links, so yes better to repost.


EricaMaxine Price

2 Years Ago

If I have to repost then I'll lose my comments in FAA and in FB wouldn't I? Also in FAA, I believe anyone who favored or voted for my picture wouldn't be there anymore.
I would think there would be an easier way, I hope.


EricaMaxine Price

2 Years Ago

Now all of a sudden it's working and not deleting my pictures, so if someone from FAA fixed this, I thank you!


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