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Sharon Challand

2 Years Ago

Do Your Painting, Etc. Images Here Show Up On Google Search If You Do Not Offer Prints?

Do your painting, etc. images here on Fine Art America, show up on Google image searches, if you do not offer prints or only if you offer prints of the image?

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Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

I don't use google - I wouldn't know. But when I do a search using BING - I get my IK images. I've not figure out how to change that - yet. Maybe it's why I've sold several there and only two here - about two years ago.


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

They should if you used keywords and wrote a description.


Gallery Nex

2 Years Ago

It shouldn't matter whether you offer prints or not unless you specified prints in your search query.



2 Years Ago

Yes they do. I just did a google search of you. It showed all where you posted your works.
Just be specific on what you want to search and it would show.
Whatever you post in the internet it would be there forever.


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