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Ana Lusi

2 Years Ago

How To Enable A Watermark In A Existing Photo Or Painting>


Is there any way to enable a watermark in a photo that already exists in my gallery? I’m adding a watermark in my new works without any problem but when I try to add it in a work that I already uploaded a month ago, I go to edit, then “Enable Watermark” and submit, but the watermark doesn't appear.

Thank you in advance.


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Christine Till

2 Years Ago

It's probably just your browser loading the page from your cache.
Hit refresh a few times, and eventually your browser will load the actual page and you'll see your watermark.

If not ... please post a link to the image you changed so that we can check ...


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

i don't think there is. i think you have to ask tech to add and remove them on old pieces. i'm thinking it's like default prices, where when you change them, they only affect new things uploaded, and not the older things.

---Mike Savad


Christine Till

2 Years Ago

No Mike, I do that often ... enable/disable watermarks on images I uploaded eons ago. It always works.

What you can't do is bulk enable/disable watermark on older images ... but you can always do it on single images. Try it. But you need to hit refresh a few times force your browser to download the page again.


The watermarks are put on at upload so it will not always work.

I can bulk watermark them for you if you need me to


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