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Cynthia Adams

2 Years Ago

Why Is This Image In My Pf?

I logged in this morning and found this Lincoln image at the start.
I didn't do this and it's not my work.
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Cynthia Adams

2 Years Ago

I have contacted Cynthia Adams and hopefully we can come to some arrangement on how to separate our works somehow.


Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

anyone who puts in the words cynthia or adams will come up with yours AND others works. Any works with those keywords.


Ginny Schmidt

2 Years Ago

It makes sense that a keyword search would come up with multiples of cynthia or adams but i still do not understand why the work of one cynthia adams found its way into the other's portfolio - and stranger still that they have both been members close to two years and it has never happened before ... ? Not my issue, unless there is another ginny schmidt on faa, but it is interesting.


JC Findley

2 Years Ago

I think I will legally change my name to Peter Lik and start charging a lot more.

Good luck Cynthia.



2 Years Ago



Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

It is not in her portfolio

It is on a search page

The search results change all the time


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