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Cynthia Adams

2 Years Ago

Why Is This Image In My Pf?

I logged in this morning and found this Lincoln image at the start.
I didn't do this and it's not my work.
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Cynthia Adams

2 Years Ago

I have contacted Cynthia Adams and hopefully we can come to some arrangement on how to separate our works somehow.


anyone who puts in the words cynthia or adams will come up with yours AND others works. Any works with those keywords.


Ginny Schmidt

2 Years Ago

It makes sense that a keyword search would come up with multiples of cynthia or adams but i still do not understand why the work of one cynthia adams found its way into the other's portfolio - and stranger still that they have both been members close to two years and it has never happened before ... ? Not my issue, unless there is another ginny schmidt on faa, but it is interesting.


JC Findley

2 Years Ago

I think I will legally change my name to Peter Lik and start charging a lot more.

Good luck Cynthia.



2 Years Ago



It is not in her portfolio

It is on a search page

The search results change all the time


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