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Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

Photoshop Elements Quick Question

I'm making photo collages, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it the excessively hard way.

Can anyone tell me how to make a blank canvas in Photoshop elements 9 without any photos?

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Alfred Ng

2 Years Ago

just go to file and click on "new".


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

Thanks, Alfred! I figured it was something really simple....


Alfred Ng

2 Years Ago

Mary, you might wanted to check out this book called "teach yourself visually photoshop elements". it is very easy to follow.


Rich Franco

2 Years Ago


I always suggest Youtube, thousands of good videos and they're free, here's a good example and a good explanation on "how to"



Jimmie Bartlett

2 Years Ago

I work in PSE9 also. I use google to ask a question and usually find an answer quickly. Most of the time clicking around on the menus will help find a new feature to play with. And of course there is much help here.


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

Thanks, Alfred and Rich. I have gotten comfortable with most of the features I need in elements until I need to figure out something new, then you know how bad the proprietary help literature is on these programs.....and Rich, I found out how to do something in Microsoft Word on Youtube after searching around for an hour in the help literature.

In fact, I posted a blog post about how useless a lot of help literature is. Alfred - I'll check out that book. I need to learn more about working in layers. I've figured out the basics, but I think there's a whole world of other stuff in there I could make use of.


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

@Jimmie - yeah, I find if I post a question here, it cuts down the time it takes me to get an answer to practically zero...much faster than a Google search and waaaay faster then the Adobe literature.


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